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Matteo Massagrande

massagrande1 May - 17 July, 2016                                              

An artist of international significance, Matteo Massagrande (1959) is a representative of the realist, philosophical trend in contemporary Italian painting. With interiors that evoke memories of ages past, complex systems of spaces and perspectives, and a distinctive handling of light, he establishes a connection between the respective thinking modes and painterly approaches of the classical past and our own age. The natural environment that appears in the backgrounds of the interiors embodies the harmony of man and nature, while the erstwhile hustle and bustle of the stately or simple homes that were once filled with life is almost palpable behind the motionless quiet.



THE ATTRACTION OF TIHANY – A Selection from the Works of Sculptor Miklós Borsos

001421 sPermament exhibition

Selected from the rich material of the KOGART collections, our permanent exhibition presents the art of one of the greatest sculptors of the 20th century, Miklós Borsos (1906–1990), who spent all his summers in Tihany from 1943.

He was not only fond of music, but played the violin himself. It is not difficult to see his sculptural work as a well-balanced, harmonic musical piece, a composition perfect in form and thought, in which every note and bar has its own character, but is also at the service of the score as a whole.





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