Etudok Tihany kicsi

11/25/2017 - 04/08/2018

Art has always meant more than just a decorative element. Works of art are not only mere objects in the space surrounding us, but significant stations in the viewer’s life. Artworks, beyond beauty and comfort, represents a value which, ideally, faces its audience from different aspects. And this encounter can last for a lifetime.

The most difficult moment of starting a collection: the first encounter, the first image, the first step which determines all that follows. What should be taken into consideration, what is our purpose when collecting art and what is our relation to the artworks? Should we collect a specific period of art, or a particular oeuvre, perhaps a genre? Or should we stay on the grounds of personal taste and choose to collect with a horizontal view – and what is, after all, to your liking?

Countless answers could be given to these questions in which the diversity of the contemporary Hungarian art can be of great help. The artworks presented and offered for purchase by the Kovács Gábor Art Foundation introduce the viewer to the various segments of fine art, serving as a kind of guide to those who are committed to art. Through the artworks we are able to get a glimpse into a rich tradition, which provides a context for the works and offers new possibilities of interpretation. The personal encounter with artworks, the occupation of the same space creates a personal connection between the artwork and its audience, which addresses the viewer’s taste.

001421 sPermament exhibition

Selected from the rich material of the KOGART collections, our permanent exhibition presents the art of one of the greatest sculptors of the 20th century, Miklós Borsos (1906–1990), who spent all his summers in Tihany from 1943.

He was not only fond of music, but played the violin himself. It is not difficult to see his sculptural work as a well-balanced, harmonic musical piece, a composition perfect in form and thought, in which every note and bar has its own character, but is also at the service of the score as a whole.

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