Egry Jzsef Visszhang kicsi 30 June - 10 September

 József Egry (1883–1951) discovered the scenery of Lake Balaton in the 1920s. Lake Balaton’s wide spaces, light-filled  atmosphere, the play of light and air, simultaneously made him aware of the pure power of light, luminous colours and the  presence of a cosmic world order.

 The land in Egry’s paintings is not a form but an energy, with humans as integral parts of the view. His works are informed  by this organic approach to the scenery, man’s direct connection to nature, the cosmic dimension of life; they find the  perfect context to be displayed in when they are exhibited in Tihany, a scene that bonds mountain, water and sky, a place  imbued with history and a spiritual tradition it exudes to this day. The effect of Lake Balaton and the Inner Lakes is  particularly keen in Tihany, with the water surfaces etching their undulating pattern into the scenery, or reflecting it in their  smoothness, slivering the light and scattering its shards.

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