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Passuth Krisztina: Tihanyi Lajos

A small monograph on Lajos Tihanyi, with a study by art ...

Sales price: 6300 Ft

Kocsis Imre Sugárútja

Kocsis Imre festőművész teljes életművét bemutató, mintegy ...

Sales price: 4475 Ft

Kondor Béla DVD-film a kiállításról

DVD film of the Béla Kondor exhibition.

Sales price: 2000 Ft

Mágneses könyvjelzők

Mágneses könyvjelzők a Kovács Gábor Gyűjtemény és a Kovács ...

Sales price: 300 Ft


More than hundred different postcards with reproductions of ...

Sales price: 180 Ft


Hűtőmágnesek a KOGART-gyűjteményének válogatott darabjairól ...

Sales price: 450 Ft
Sales price: 1500 Ft

From San Francisco to Woodstock exhibition catalogue

A 180-page catalogue in Hungarian and English, with ...

Sales price: 5250 Ft

Contemporary Sculptures in the KOGART Contemporary Art Collection

Contemporary Sculptures in the KOGART Contemporary Art ...

Sales price: 5250 Ft

Promenade Project

Catalogue of the Budapest exhibition of the Promenade ...

Sales price: 2195 Ft

Csernus Tibor - Pictures from the Sulkowski Collection

Csernus Tibor - Pictures from the Sulkowski Collection. ...

Sales price: 3150 Ft

Spirituality in 20th-century Hungarian Art

Catalogue of the exhibition organized in the ...

Sales price: 1995 Ft

Szalay Lajos catalogue

Szalay Lajos Exhibition catalogue

Sales price: 5985 Ft
Sales price: 5985 Ft
Sales price: 5985 Ft

Kovács Gábor Collection

his volume presents the gems of the Gábor Kovács ...

Sales price: 12000 Ft

Asking the Pictures

The collection of Miklós Mészöly and Alaine Polcz ...

Sales price: 3000 Ft

Museum Circle

At the joint exhibition of the Hungarian National Museum ...

Sales price: 4900 Ft

The Face of Art – The Faces of Artists

This impressive display, organized in KOGART House to ...

Sales price: 2625 Ft


Catalogue on the oeuvre exhibition of Zsuzsa Péreli at the ...

Sales price: 6300 Ft

Péreli, Zsuzsa calatogue

Enhanced with several colour illustrations, the volume ...

Sales price: 6000 Ft
Sales price: 2500 Ft

Across Bridges of Light

DVD film and catalogue of the József Egry exhibition

Sales price: 3000 Ft
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